About Us

About Prior Art Searchers

PriorArtSearchers.com is a division of Menteso, Inc. (The Expert IP Ally) a company incorporated under laws of San Jose, California, USA with multi-national presence. We are a team of more than 100 smart, talented, dedicated IP Professionals. We are delivering quality services in the IP industry for more than seven years now. We are known for our quality and timely delivery.

About Our Vision

Our vision is to make qualitative IP Research so easy and cost effective that it is accessible to every organization/individual creating, managing or monetizing the IP.


About our Expertise

We have expertise in virtually all technology areas.


About Logo

Our logo is made up of five essential elements of a comprehensive search.
1. Bulb indicates the search through innovations.
2. Round Arrow indicates 360 degree (complete) search.
3. Dot in the center indicates the focus in the search.


Our aim is to provide you expert IP search whenever your business/clients need it. Contact us for a free and confidential consultation.