Freedom to Operate (FTO) Searches

Freedom to Operate (FTO) Search

Comprehensive FTO Search

Add-on Jurisdiction

Search Jurisdiction One Country Search for Free to Operate for valid & abandoned Patents. Exhausted Search on selected Add-on Jurisdiction.
Analysis Comprehensive Analysis Comprehensive Analysis
PDF Copies of the results are provided Yes Yes
Turn Around Time (TAT) 30-35 hours

(6-7 Business days)

15-20 hours

(4-5 Business days)

Usefulness Used to check clearance of a product to be launched in the market and/or to check the licensing requirements for the product. Useful for clearance in more than one jurisdiction.

What is Freedom to Operate Search?

• Freedom to Operate analysis involves recognize and analyzing the patents of others that may subject your corporation to patent infringement liability.
• By doing Freedom to Operate Search before developing and
launching a new product or previous to acquiring a new corporation, your company can limit the risk of future litigation and stay away from unnecessary cost.
• Freedom to operate studies done early in the cycle of product growth affords companies the chance either to modify the design or avoid infringement before reaching the point of no return, or to take a license.

What Do You Need to Provide for a Freedom to Operate Search?

• A detailed description of your product or service, including a list of key features requiring special attention.
• The geographic region(s) for which you require Freedom to Operate Search.
• A list of known patents, patent holders, companies etc. that may be relevant to your product or service.

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