Patent Landscape Studies





• Manual Search strategy • All tasks of Quick Report plus quick manual reuiew of each search result to remove noise • All tasks of Basic report • Scope, Report Format and depth oi analysis is chosen by the clienl
• Extract Database results in MS Excel • Screening of up to 1000 esults • Manual categorization of screened results into single level technical taxonomy • Output is customized as
per your requirements
• Design classes based taxonomy • Additional $1 per family if the results increase from 1000. • Taxonomy to be shared by client or to be prepared by Prior Art Searchers • Helpful when multi level
analysis is required
• Categorize results as per taxonomy using MS Excel • Report in MS Excel • Categorization 300 patent families • Caters to specific requirements of technical research
• Report in MS Excel • Worldwide Jurisdiction • Each additional family is charged $2 • Helps in decision making of critical cases
• Worldwide Jurisdiction • Worldwide Jurisdiction
Add On: Add On: Add On: Add On:
• Add on Charts S Graphs • Charts similar to quick • Charts Similar to Quick/ Basic variant • Add-ons are customizable as per client inputs.
• Category-wise Trends • Category-wise Trends • Category-wise Trends
• Complete Trends • Complete Trends • Complete Trends
• Assignee, Competitors, Patent Filing Trends, Geographical Breakup etc • Report in MS PowerPoint • Charts/Information using technical taxonomy
• Report in MS PowerPoint • Report in MS PowerPoint


1. Patent Landscape is performed on a particular technology in which all the Granted Patents and Patent Application are analyzed a in the particular technology.
2. Patent landscaping is usually conducted by IP Head of the corporate to identify the whitespace in which research should be conducted to have a competitiveedge over their counterparts.
3. It enables to you plan and innovate your research strategies. It also helps in identifying new junctions for research and development (R&D) and uncover the most appropriate inventions.
4. Our team work with the business decision makers all over the world for many years for providing expert patent landscape services and patent landscape reports. Our expert team includes professional patent analysts, scientists and PhDs who carry out rigorous data mining, data analysis and data visualization to make a patent landscape report. We develop the technology categorization and offer our customers a chance to read the intelligence report provided by us at different zoom levels.
A patent landscape analysis will assist you to recognize the following
• The innovative focus of companies, business and nations.
• Technology leaders and their IP strategies.
• Technological positioning of companies and their chronological changes.
• Exclusive selling points of companies.
• Power and weaknesses of patent portfolios.

Why chooses us ?

Our team generates the a Patent Landscape report that which is analyzed by executives, technologists, and investors with IP business intelligence and identifies to the extent the competitors are protecting their innovations in critical areas of technology.


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