Pre-booking Offer

Pre-Booking Offer:

We strongly suggest continuous usage of pre-booking model when you expect a work load in near future. It will help you in further saving the costs on your searches.

Number of Searches Booked Discount (%)
5 5%
10 10%
15 15%
20+ 20%

For availing Pre-Booking benefits contact your Engagement Manager or email us at

Advantages of “Pre-booked Searches”:

  • Primary Reason: Further lowering down the cost of searches by 20%.
  • Cost advantage clubbing for multiple technologies.
  • Cost saving in intermittent however expected workflow.
  • Get a piece of mind.

Who Should Opt for “Pre-booked Searches” – Some Examples:

  • Corporations or universities with ongoing innovative ideas to be checked for patentability.
  • IP Firms constantly acquiring Patents to be validated before acquisition.
  • Law firms in frequent defensive or offensive Litigations.
  • Law firms representing innovative corporations or universities etc.

Exemplary Case Study:

A university innovating in high-tech industry booked 100 Patentability Searches in a year. They got a flat 20% discount on their Patentability Searches.