Why Prior Art Search is Must for Every Invention?

Prior Art Search

The sole purpose of Prior Art Search is to assist you in the evaluation process of an invention. Also, it determines if the invention can be patented. This is an entire space of information about the relevant inventions you make. Without implementing the evaluation strategies of Prior Art Search, you would possibly be wandering around without an educated opinion. Therefore, taking a Prior Art Search is one of the best strategies to know whether you can patent your new invention or not.

In this article, you will know about the detailed aspects of how a prior art search is highly essential for the inventors to get the patents done without hassle. Read till the end to know everything about Prior Art Search.

What is Prior Art Search?

The idea of protecting your invention requires patenting them. To do that seamlessly, there are certain things that the inventors need to keep in mind before they could file the patent to their name. One of those important things is the qualification aspects of the invention. If the idea you have replicated in the form of an invention is not up to the mark or does not qualify as a legit invention, then patenting is not possible.

Prior Art Search is an asset for such inventors to know whether their creation is worth patenting or not. The role of Prior Art Search is to identify the closest resembling arts along with your idea or creation. This will ensure the scope of protecting your creation while you go for patent claims.

Not only that but with Prior Art Search, you can easily advance for reduction of prosecution time that will eventually result in seamless claims. Moreover, with a healthy evaluation, the chance of facing rejection on your patent application also reduces. It is a simple process, and you do not need any expertise to carry it out.

Importance of Prior Art Search for All Inventions

The need for Prior Art Search comes up with an intention to reduce the invention protection costs. For getting a patent in the most traditional way, you might need to pay a filing fee, attorney fee, examination fee, and others. The entire process of drafting, preparing files, maintaining patents, and others add a hefty cost based on several jurisdictions.

To avoid these overhead costs, people go for a Prior Art Search to carry out the process of getting the patent for the invention. With this unique search technique, the core features and the uniqueness of the invention can be found. Not only that, but you will also get an insight into the fact of whether you are eligible to file a patent application or not.

The importance of Prior Art Search that makes it quite efficient for all the inventions states that this idea can save resources used for prosecution and filings. This sounds really helpful for the inventions that are not too exclusive. Furthermore, this will indicate to the R & D departments to focus on their work implementation and IP Budget use.

In addition to that fact, Prior Art Search is also helpful in deriving the scope of protection available in the patent claims. This reduces the prosecution time for office actions and speed up the patent application process

Prior Art Search is a perfect blend

Prior Art Search is a perfect blend of keyword search, classification, name search, and citation search. A combination of all these aspects derives the available prior arts. The keywords are taken from the features of the invention, after which a search string is executed based on it. This search string is imposed on patent databases to find relevant information. All the information obtained is then searched manually for picking up the relevant ones.

There are different levels of screening processed by the inventors. The first level of screening requires observation of only the abstract and title of the search results to find the relevant ones according to your needs. Following that, the shortlisted ones can go for second and deep screening levels. After the prior arts are shortlisted, the citations are then studied to extract more information out of it.

Advantages of Doing the Prior Art Search on Your Own

It is yet another reason for which this search becomes truly necessary for all inventions. When people get the chance to conduct the search all by themselves, then they would undeniably check on their invention’s potential. As you already know the importance of Prior Art Search, the need for it for the inventors is quite efficient.

Before you go ahead and conduct the search all by yourself, ensure to have adequate knowledge about prior art. This knowledge must include the idea of qualifying evidence. People of today are preferring to save some money and time by taking the search aspects on their own hands.

Hiring a professional for the job is a good decision, but when you are short on budget, you can avail of the pros of doing it yourself. Not only that, but you can also take a look at other inventions over the list to implement the ideologies onto your business plan.

Along with that, you can also find ways to refine your invention to add or modify any aspects of it. This is fruitful but conditioned, you need to be knowledgeable enough to even take ideas from the inventions listed.

Main Purposes of Prior Art Search

There is a plethora of different purposes designated with the use of Prior Art Searches. This helps the applicants to check on every database possible for any resemblance of inventions similar to that of theirs. It compares several press releases, articles, brochures, products, patent documents, and others to do the needful. By breaking down the core purpose of the Prior Art Searches, the main roles of it are:

  • It helps in generating ideas for the Research & Development Team.
  • This ensures that there is no duplication of research.
  • It manages the investment in R&D.
  • Evaluate the use of specific technology and derive new solutions for unwanted problems.
  • It assists in new product planning.
  • It helps upgrade the technological trends.
  • Monitoring of competitor’s activities associated with research and development.

These are just a few of the many roles that Prior Art Searches play to assist the inventors in getting a clear idea about how they can help their invention get the recognition it deserves.

Patent Documents Be the Best Informative Resource for PAS

The patent documents are the most reliable resource on which the inventors emphasize to do their prior art search. Here are some of the reasons for which this document holds utmost importance:

  • Detailed Information

Patent documents are essential in the entire search process as it would assist the applicants in replicating their invention idea in the most vibrant way so that there is enough disclosure of understanding for the patent approval team. If you do not have enough information about the patent, then probably you would not be able to convey it.

  • Patent Information is Updated

Patent Information is always up-to-date on the database that would help you get detailed information on the journals and other associated content over the database to help you refine your invention and make it stand out for easy approval of patenting application.

  • Easily Accessible

Patent Documents are easy to access as every country has its own database to store the documents. People can access the patent documents right from the patent office websites where they have kept it open for the inventors to check on the essential aspects.

  • Organized Document Classification

Patent Documents are categorized in different forms of technology that make it easy for finding the relevant document without hassle. If you are looking for patent documents based on the technological categories, then you would get a systematic display of all the associated documents to help you get what you are looking for.

  • Enhanced Technical Information

Patent Document does not end up giving two-liner information as it consists of detailed information about a particular invention. You will get images and multiple pages of details about the invention. This is a lot of information that you can get from patent documents that would help you in your inventions.


These are a few of the details about Prior Art Search that conveys the significance of it. This search has the potential to help you get your patents done without much hassle. The inventors are highly dedicated and proficient in bringing their ideas to life. Therefore, patenting is one of the important needs for inventors to give their development a recognition that it deserves. The R & D teams of most companies are using the Prior Art Search techniques efficiently to help make better changes and implementations onto the current inventions to make it even better to meet the expectations. Moreover, the information you get from the search results can be reciprocated onto the business operations to make it thrive.