Importance of Prior Art Searches

Prior Art Searches

Prior Art Searches plays a very crucial role in deciding the fate of a Patent Application. The prior art searches include not only previous patents but also any other published materials, including scientific papers, advertisements, etc.

Many times we nurture an idea; however, we are unable to protect it as we at times do not understand or ignore the necessity of Prior Art Searches. To protect your idea, the idea needs to qualify as patentable. It should have industrial applicability, should be novel and non-obvious. To identify whether the idea is novel and non-obvious, prior art searches become a necessity. These are pre-conditions for an idea to be patentable.

An exhaustive Prior Art Searches provide insight into the literature with similar innovations that exist and fits within a broad field of study or making it obvious. It also helps in the drafting process of a patent application. A prior art search identifies new applications, utility, or new markets for innovation. It guides through the process of patenting and commercialization and also helps in drafting of the Patent Application.

An exhaustive prior art search identifies all the closest prior arts and thus helps us to define the scope of protection in patent claims. This can even lead to a reduction in the prosecution time due to the need for fewer office actions and claim amendments.

Similarly, relevant prior art by a third party may halt the grant of a competitor’s patent, or it can invalidate the claims of the granted patent resulting in substantial monetary losses.

Thus, it is a need of an hour to seek help from right professional prior art searchers with relevant technical knowledge in order to protect ideas and convert your image into a product or able to commercialize.