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The purpose of the chemical structure search is to give a search feature that:

  • recognizes the names of chemical compounds in patent texts;
  • identifies their structure from embedded drawings in patent texts.

The CSS applies to the title, abstract, claim, and description fields. It only works on advanced formulas.

How to use chemical structure search

There are three options to do the CSS:

  1. Upload a structure that enables users to upload a chemical information file in a supported format.
  2. Transform a structure will enable users to select the information type of the search such as the name of the chemical composite: commercial name, CAS name, trivial name, the international NonProprietary Name, InCHI, InchIkey or SMILES;
  3. Structure editor enables users to draw or edit a structure. Chemical structures, reactions, and fragments can be drawn in a very intuitive way using the symbols familiar from chemical sketches on paper.

How to access

To use or apply for the CSS, users have to contact us. Prior art searchers experts will solve all of your queries.


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